If you need help with all the online "stuff" that goes with running a business then you're in luck, because that's EXACTLY what Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes does. So don't get stressed about business growth, social media, email marketing, websites or other tech and admin -  just ask for help.

Staying PERT online

As we approach a certain age things tend to head south a bit. We're not as energetic as we once were. "Things" aren't what they once were. "What the hell has this got to do with social media?" I hear you ask. Well, basically after a while your social media...

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5 Tips for a Winning Website

Websites should offer a proper service, not just lip service. Make sure that your small business website actually offers something to a visitor. Here are five pointers that will help turn a viewer into someone who will stay to learn more and preferably take action. By...

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30 Tips for Creating Successful E-Newsletters

I've written about email marketing before. I truly believe it is integral to growing and maintaining a successful business relationship with customers/clients. It's all well and good building relationships on Facebook etc but that platform and content doesn't belong...

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Absolutely amazing service from Nicola, she is one of the best in her field. I would highly recommend her as she is thorough and concise and instills confidence in your own ability to achieve in what can be a challenging aspect of anybody’s business. 5*

Tara Sellars

Owner, Bespoke Yoga

Wonderful lady always ready to offer help and if she can’t Nic will point you in the right direction. Authentic, honest and straightforward – just how we like it, right!

Anna Clark

Owner, Turbo Dry Carpets

What Nicola doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. She is honest, knowledgeable, talented and I trust her with all of my business needs. I would not have my successful business with out her. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Kelly Rose

Registered Nutritionist, Nourish Minds