Is Traditional SEO Dead? [vlog]

Is traditional SEO dead? Maybe that’s an exaggeration. BUT. SEO is no longer about how many keywords are stuffed on your page. What you do off-page is just as important as what happens on-page these days.

Is traditional SEO dead?

Factors other than keywords that influence Search Engine Rankings

So if it’s not just about keywords on your web page – what IS it about??

Well if we look at the search engine results pages now we can see that it it’s not just direct links to web pages that appear.

  • Images appear – so ensure your alt/iage tags are appropriate
  • YouTube videos appear (and YT IS the second largest search engine!) – get on there.
  • Locations via Google maps – think local SEO!
  • Google Business results – get your listing
  • Online search directories
  • Google InfoBox – instant answers, no need to follow links [see image below]

Google search results - infobox

Actions to Improve SEO that aren’t on your website

  • Get a YouTube Channel – turn your blogs into videos
  • Register with online directories
  • Set up Google Business/Maps



Daily Actions to take on Facebook to Increase Your Reach

Not a day goes by when some business owner is not lamenting their page reach on Facebook. Even more frequent are the posts begging for interaction to increase their page reach on Facebook. One quick look at their page and it’s obvious to see why they are not reaching many people.

It’s not rocket science to get a good reach on Facebook.

So how can you improve your page reach on Facebook? Continue reading “Daily Actions to take on Facebook to Increase Your Reach”

Are you paying attention to these important SEO areas?

Clients often ask how they can  get to their website at the top of the first page for Google search results and my initial job is to quell their expectations and then go through SEO.

I have to explain that improving your position in the search results is NOT a one time activity. There is no magic button to press that enables you to be the top of page one. It takes time, patience and a bit of technical know-how to get a good search engine ranking.

That being said, you can speed up the process by optimising your website for search engines – ie Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  Continue reading “Are you paying attention to these important SEO areas?”

Blog & Social Media Content Ideas for December

Content ideas for December that aren’t just about CHRISTMAS!! December is a quiet month in terms of “Awareness” and “dedicated” days/weeks but it’s far from quiet when it comes to marketing. Businesses strive to push sales this month and you should be no different.
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Content Ideas for your Blog and Social Media Posts in November

Just because we’re getting towards the end of the year, shouldn’t mean that you start slowing down on your marketing efforts. Even if you’re fully booked, you should continue to prospect, to ensure you have clients to cover the quiet times. Marketing is eternally cyclical. So let’s see what we can talk about in November…
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Content Ideas for Your Blog or Social Media in October

After the lull of the Summer holidays, things seem to pick back up in October with a huge number of “awareness” days and weeks, all of which you can use in your marketing if you get creative.
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Ideas to Generate Content for Posts in September

Phew! The kids are back at school and you can now concentrate on your business. Let’s ramp things up for the last quarter of the year. Be consistent in your marketing efforts and reap the rewards Continue reading “Ideas to Generate Content for Posts in September”

Blog & Social Media Post Ideas for August

There aren’t many days of significance in August – probably because everyone’s on holiday sunning themselves or trying to keep their children entertained. If you don’t fall into either of these categories, why not take this opportunity to plan for the remainder of the year, or just get some downtime yourself?

Content Ideas for August

MONTHLY THEMES to help with generating content FOR August INCLUDE:

  • Summer holidays – have you got any ideas for keeping kids busy?!!!
  • Back to School Theme
  • Holiday tips (packing, sunscreen, insect bites etc)


  • World Breastfeeding Week – commences 1st
  • National Allotments Week – commences 13th
  • Afternoon Tea Week – commences 14th


  • 1st – Yorkshire Day
  • 6th – International Friendship Day
  • 12th – International Youth Day
  • 13th – International Left Handers Awareness Day
  • 19th – World Humanitarian Day / World Photo Day
  • 30th – International Day of the Disappeared
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Content Ideas for your Blog or Social Media in July

Whilst Christmas may seem FAR away, July is around the time of year that papers and magazines start compiling articles to publish in their Christmas edition, so start thinking about how you can get the word out about your business now! Continue reading “Content Ideas for your Blog or Social Media in July”