There is so much more to a blog post than just sitting on a website waiting to be discovered.

Ever wonder how to construct the ideal blog post or how you can get extra mileage out of a post? Find out in this blog post dedicated to getting extra mileage from your posts.

Effective blog posts should inform and guide the reader as well as bring about SEO benefits.

Posts should include:

✍️ A headline
✍️ Key word or phrase in opening paragraph
✍️ Images relevant to topic with appropriate naming conventions (ie what you have saved it as) and keyword alt tags
✍️ Links to other pages/posts on your site (internal links, anchor text etc)
✍️ Subheadings – to break up long prices of text and help the reader navigate effectively
✍️ A call to action – don’t leave the reader guessing as to what they should do next as more than likely they’ll simply navigate away from your page.
✍️ Social sharing links so your readers can share the content with their contacts at the click of a button.

After writing a blog post there are a number of actions you can take to extend its shelf life:

? Share images on Instagram and Pinterest
? Post quotes from blog to Twitter and Facebook include link to full post
? Send post out as a newsletter to your subscribers (MailChimp has a great RSS to email feature to automate this)
? Record it for a podcast or video

Ever wonder where to get inspiration for your next blog post or social media status? Well, wonder no more.

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