Just because we’re getting towards the end of the year, shouldn’t mean that you start slowing down on your marketing efforts. Even if you’re fully booked, you should continue to prospect, to ensure you have clients to cover the quiet times. Marketing is eternally cyclical. So let’s see what we can talk about in November…

Content Ideas for November


  • COPD Awareness
  • Lung Cancer Awareness
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Novel Writing Month
  • Movember
  • Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes
  • Christmas Build-Up

WEEKS TO NOTE IN November for content marketing purposes:

  • Nursery Rhyme / Self Care / Alcohol Awareness / Anti-Bullying / Finance Capability Week –¬†Starting 13th
  • PH Awareness Week – Starting 19th
  • Road Safety Week – Starting 20th
  • Book Week Scotland – Starting 27th


  • 1st – World Vegan Day
  • 3rd – National Sandwich Day
  • 5th – Guy Fawkes Day / Bonfire Night
  • 7th – Hug A Bear Day (not a real one surely?)
  • 8th – World Radiography Day
  • 13th – World Kindness Day
  • 14th – World Diabetes Day
  • 15th – World COPD Awareness Day
  • 17th – World Pancreatic Cancer Day
  • 19th – International Men’s Day / World Toilet Day
  • 21st – World Television Day
  • 24th -Carer’s Rights Day
  • 25th – White Ribbon Day (Stop Family Violence Day)
  • 30th – St Andrew’s Day
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