Facebook Images – do you know what size to use where?

I’m not a fan or re-inventing the wheel nor do I like to make extra work for myself, so in the interests of speed I have borrowed the following information form various sites across the web, all of which provide the answer to teh commonly asked question, “what size does my image need to be on Facebook?”

The dimensions for Facebook Images are as follows (width x height):

Cover Photo / Cover Slideshow –  820px x  312px
Profile Picture in Header –  178px 180px
Profile Picture on Timeline –  40px 40px
Shared Link Thumbnail –  450px 235px

I like to use 1200px square for straight forward images uploaded to my business page timeline as then they can be used across multiple platforms; Twitter, Instagram etc

All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2016]

Thanks to the following for providing information: