If you’re like the other small business professionals I work with, you will be starting early or finishing late, or sometimes both.

You work full time in your business so just when do you get time to carry out the ancillary tasks, such as social media, which help build your business?

Do you constantly find yourself on Twitter or Facebook, staring at the screening and think to yourself, “I really don’t have time for this!”?
There’s no getting away from it, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can be a major time drain (and a waste of time) if you don’t use it properly.

And when I say properly, I am referring to those that use it for business purposes.

Checking out and retweeting/liking what Katie Price aka Jordan did this morning is not going to bring you a return on your investment, is it?

The investment, here, being the time you are spending on the aforementioned social media sites. And believe me, it IS an investment! It can reap mega rewards but can also be wasted if not managed correctly.

So how can you tweet or facebook efficiently for your small business, without losing hours?

Well, here at BJVS it’s our job to save you time and money, so here’s our top Social Media Time Management Tips.

How to Save Time on Social Media – Social Media Time Management

1) Link up your Accounts.

This is my fave and simplest Social Media Time Management Tip.

Go to www.facebook.com/twitter and follow the instructions to link your your business page to your corresponding Twitter profile.

Now, whenever you post to Facebook, the same post will be tweeted automatically, saving you having to copy and paste or, worse, type the whole thing out a second time. You can also do this with Instagram.

2) Schedule your Posts

Using one of the many programmes freely available; Hootsuite, Gremln or Facebook itself if you’ve linked them as above, spend just 15-20 minutes each morning (or previous evening) scheduling relevant posts to go out throughout the day.

[Use the BJVS Content Calendar to help you plan what to say]

3) Set a Timer

Once you’ve set your scheduled posts don’t forget to check regularly for any responses from your followers. Social media is about interaction not just broadcasting, don’t forget that.

But do set a timer. 15 minutes is all it takes to check your messages/mentions and reply. Do this two or three times a day and you won’t be forgotten about.

4) Curate Content

You don’t have to create every post from scratch, Use other sources to populate your feeds for epic Social Media Time Management. I love paper.li, which creates a “paper” full of articles related to your industry which your clients will find useful and it will share that link on your social media for you.

An added bonus is that it “tags” any other accounts it mentions so you may just get a retweet or share to wider audience from them too.

Likewise share posts from other people’s accounts that you think your followers will find useful, interesting or entertaining.

5) WordPress website? Use “Revive Old Post”

This handy plug in can be set to share your blog posts and a regular basis to your social media profile. The free version of Revive Old Post allows a limited number of profiles but if you’ve linked Facebook and Twitter as suggested above the you only need to set it up to post to #Facebook as it will automatically go to Twitter.

The good thing about No.s 4 and 5 is that if you;re ever away from the office, you know that your social media feeds aren’t going to go quiet. They will still have a sign of life.

Let me know how much time you save by implementing these Social Media Time Management Tips