I’ve written about email marketing before. I truly believe it is integral to growing and maintaining a successful business relationship with customers/clients.

It’s all well and good building relationships on Facebook etc but that platform and content doesn’t belong to you and if it were to close down tomorrow ALL those connections would be gone. Building a list is important to save this information

SO how do we do that?

Follow these tips for developing, marketing and maintaining a successful email newsletter.

  1. Set goals to reach a specific number of subscribers for the first month, year, etc.
  2. Choose a niche whose needs you are prepared to meet.
  3. Swap lists with others who teach on similar subjects only with permission.
  4. Offer free gifts that will grow your business and spread your message.
  5. Act as an affiliate to promote services/products for a percentage of sales.
  6. Consider selling advertising to others related to your mission and values.
  7. Hire other writers for variety and time management.
  8. Include your signature for a personal touch.
  9. Bring up debatable discussions (be controversial?)
  10. Create clickable titles for articles.
  11. Write what you know.
  12. Avoid “philosophical theory” and speak from the heart.
  13. Try not to use jargon.
  14. Ask for feedback.
  15. E-mail everyone you have met and include a “how to subscribe” feature.
  16. Create a subscription link on your website.
  17. Write original, opinionated pieces worth sharing.
  18. Make the newsletter benefit yourself as well as the reader.
  19. Learn from others – identify items you enjoy in newsletters you receive.
  20. Include personal and topical news.
  21. Feature statistics or infographics (great for sharing)
  22. Automate when possible. (Link RSS feed to email service provider)
  23. Find a reliable mail program that can handle 500+ email recipients.
  24. Share feedback with permission.
  25. Quote other experts and authors.
  26. Feature new books or documentaries that relate to your subject.
  27. Tell an interesting story.
  28. Use surveys and polls to increase interaction with your readers.
  29. Conduct research from your audience and follow their lead.
  30. Don’t give up; stay the course.