You may have heard the phrase bandied about quite often in content marketing circles, but what exactly is “guest blogging”?

Quite simply,guest blogging (or guest posting) means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

Why Should You Guest Post?

You may be thinking “why should I guest blog, surely that’s helping the other person and I should just concentrate on my own site!?” and that’s a fair enough assumption BUT guest blogging has many benefits for your small business and your own business blog or website.

Benefit 1 -Build Authority

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field is key to building a successful website that attracts visitors and subscribers, and subsequently (hopefully) makes sales. When your content appears on the site of an established industry or niche leader it acts as an endorsement of your work, which enhances your reputation as an expert too. Thought leaders should have a large number of readers compared to you.

Benefit 2 – Boosts Visibility

The website/blog that you are guest posting on, should be a highly visible site that reaches a wide audience, so in turn you reach that audience too. Carefully crafted posts rich in search-friendly keywords can help new readers find your content, especially if your guest post offers an in-depth solution to a pressing problem. (which it should)

Benefit 3 – Build the Right Backlinks

Raising your site’s profile in search engines depends (partly) on backlinks; that is, links from other sites back to yours. But not just any old backlink will do. Spammy link generators and shady promotional sites have led search engines, such as Google, to carefully examine the source and quality of backlinks to a site to determine its legitimacy and ranking.

The better the source of the backlink the more “SEO juice” given by search engines!

How to find guest blogging opportunities

Step 1: Choose a guest blogging website

Explore this list of over 500 blogs to find a website that would be a good fit for you or your company.

Step 2: Reach out and pitch your idea

You first have to contact the blog and present your idea. You may decide to just suggest the topic or to submit the entire article. (Make sure you add any embargoes, disclaimers and copyright notices on your submission)

Step 3: Write it, submit it, and watch your rankings climb

Once agreed, submit your article for placement. Sit back and relax while you watch your search engine optimisation and visitor stats improve article by article!

Let’s discuss how guest blogging and other marketing efforts could work for your business: