Websites should offer a proper service, not just lip service.

Make sure that your small business website actually offers something to a visitor.

Here are five pointers that will help turn a viewer into someone who will stay to learn more and preferably take action.

By offering these options, you can turn a “potential” client into an “actual” client.

1) Get Their Email Address

A good way to get a lurker to introduce themselves is to offer a resource that can’t be accessed without an email address. This could be a newsletter, a free online coaching video, a subscription to a free email series, or anything else, as long as it stands behind a wall where the key to access it is contact information. Once that is given, use it to slowly introduce subscribers to your work. Most email service provides – such as Mailchimp – will enable you to do this easily.

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2) Give Visitors Scheduling Options

People like to have options to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at their convenience. One way to provide convenience is an online calendar that clients can use for scheduling without your involvement. If you don’t offer appointments, think of other ways you can help provide automated/self-service options for your clients/customers.

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3) Boast about your brilliance

Your website is not the place to be bashful. When someone checks out your website, show that your knowledge, service and/or product is beyond stellar and absolutely vital to a successful life. Share case studies of your previous work, demonstrating what was needed, what you did, and what the results were. Testimonials from past customers/clients are integral to getting potential customers to trust you.

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4) Help Visitors Part with their cash

While it takes far more effort on your part, try to make a shopping cart available on your website. This will allow visitors to buy your product, book you and/or your service immediately.

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5) Have a FAQs page

Presumably, a lot of potential clients will have the same sorts of problems, so why not have a section that lists popular questions and answers? This lets visitors to the website know that other people have had their problems, and that you know how to address those particular issues.

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