As we approach a certain age things tend to head south a bit. We’re not as energetic as we once were. “Things” aren’t what they once were. “What the hell has this got to do with social media?” I hear you ask. Well, basically after a while your social media habits can start to sag, especially if you don’t have a strategy, so, as with our bodies, the aim is to stay PERT!

PERT?? You think I’ve lost my marbles don’t you?

Pert means to be lively, cheeky and whilst cheeky and lively does work well on social media I don’t actually mean “pert” in that sense.
If I told you PERT stands for Post, Engage, Respond, Track – would that make things a little clearer?

Let’s take a closer look.

PERT post respond engage track


Obviously this is at the heart of ALL social media activity and the most common question I get asked is “What sort of things should I post on social media?” Here’s a list of ideas for you, with the best performing – in terms of engagement and reach – format at the top:

  1. Questions –  ask your audience for help, choose between two options, opinions on industry topics or just fun trivia
  2. Plain text (as opposed to those with links in) –  updates to let your fans know what you’re up to or are planning
  3. Photos/images – show people what you can do, are doing, what your clients are up to. An opportunity to be creative with memes and quotes etc.
  4. Links – to your website/blog or to other relevant online articles.


Asking questions is the ideal way to get your prospective clients to engage with you but remember it is a two-way street so ensure that you engage with other pages and in relevant groups. That’s not to say you should spam groups or other page walls with sales post but get involved  in the conversation – showcase your expertise.

You can now participate in groups as your business page (if the group owner has enabled that feature) and you can comment and like on other pages as your page – and this has been made even easier with Facebook’s new posting attributions settings.

You can no longer select the “use Facebook as your page” setting from the drop down menu at the top right of FB but you can change who you are posting as right from the comments section itself


Leading on from above, if people are engaging with you then you should take the time to respond to them. In particular do not let complaints go unnoticed; acknowledge, address and rectify any problems.

The more engagement on your page from others, the better. Facebook positively encourages interaction and the more you have on your page the more you are likely to be seen in the news feeds of the fans that have liked your page – so start and continue conversations.

You should also be responding to outside influences & world events, industry changes, technological advancements. Make conversation about these topics to show your fans that you are interested in things other than yourself and your business.

Look to be a source of information not just promotion.


As with any business activity you should be tracking your success (and failures). Do more of what your fans like, do less of what doesn’t appeal to them. Use Facebook insights and Twitter analytics to see what is and what isn’t working.

Remembering to stay PERT online will ensure you continue to attract and retain fans – stopping them running off to a younger, fresher, newer model, (I mean “page”.) 😉

Need help keeping PERT? Get in touch.

This blog originally appeared on my previous business blog (NBS Admin Assist) in November 2014